A Victim's Guide to Sexual Harassment in California  
  Given recent developments in the area of sexual harassment law, victims need to know of the remedies available to them in California. A Victim’s Guide to Sexual Harassment in California provides the important and valuable information to sexual harassment victims who need a support network to guide them through a very difficult process. The book is intended to be a useful tool for individuals to assess whether they have been victims of sexual harassment and whether they would benefit from the advice of an experienced sexual harassment attorney.  
  “There was a need for a guidebook that was written in plain English for sexual harassment victims”, says attorney Timothy B. Broderick. “We wrote this book for individuals who do not have anyone to turn to for straightforward advice on how to deal with sexual harassment. Our guide is intended to fill the void.”  
  “I did extensive research for this book because I wanted to ensure that victims had the most accurate information possible,” notes attorney Katrina M. Saleen. “A lot of victims are confused and unsure if it is worth going through the time, energy and expense of a filing a sexual harassment claim. Our book provides answers to those difficult questions.”  
  A Victim’s Guide to Sexual Harassment in California answers important questions such as:  
What are the different types of sexual harassment?
How long do I have to file my claim after the incident(s)?
Can I sue my company because I was sexually harassed by my supervisor?
Are offensive jokes and comments considered sexual harassment?
Can I be fired because I am pregnant?
What is a “right to sue” letter and do I need one?
My coworker is dating my boss and receiving preferential treatment. Can I sue for sexual harassment?


Timothy B. Broderick is a trial attorney who has been practicing law in California for over 25 years. He is a graduate of Stanford University and University of California, Los Angeles School of Law. He is a member of the trial lawyers associations of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, as well as the California Consumer Attorneys of California.
  Katrina M. Saleen is a graduate of University of California, Hastings where she was Editor-in-Chief of the Hastings Business Law Journal. She is a member of the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association.  
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