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Sexual harassment attorneys Timothy B. Broderick and Katrina M. Saleen authored the book entitled A Victim's Guide to Sexual Harassment in California. This book features "Cases In Point" that describe the facts of real cases in which the courts have determined whether the alleged behavior did or did not qualify as sexual harassment.

In the book, Mr. Broderick and Ms. Saleen set forth the steps that a victim can take in response to sexual harassment such as documenting the incident of harassment, finding personal and professional support to address the trauma of sexual harassment, and navigating the administrative process necessary to bring a legal claim.

A Victim's Guide to Sexual Harassment addresses sexual harassment as not only a legal problem, but also as a social and emotional problem. It is important that a victim find an attorney who understands that an important part of aiding a victim of sexual harassment is not just taking legal steps, but is also providing a support system to help the victim heal from the emotional scars left in the wake of sexual harassment.

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